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When Crying it Out is a good thing?

I let Bumble “Cry it out” tonight.  That is to say, I held him close and whispered that I loved him while he cried out all his fears and sadness after his Daddy left to go to the gym.  While … Continue reading

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Post Natal Depression: The Highs

Some days I feel like I’m on top of things.  I feel like my life is pulling together and I’m on track for contentment.  Other days something triggers a dive back into the darkness and I feel I’ve got the … Continue reading

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Big Boy Pants

Bumble is working on potty training now and although some days are more successful than others it reminds me that I have probably bought my last cloth nappy for him.  To cheer myself up about the lack of fluffy post … Continue reading

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Rear Facing Happiness

For any doubters of extended rear facing carseats; this is where his feet go.  Note the abject misery of the poor children forced to look at lorries out the back window instead of staring at the headrests of the front … Continue reading

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Small Changes: Small Change

One of my goals for improving my own lifestyle is to be more charitable. This means being more generous with both time and money. As a way of increasing the amount of money I give, today’s small change is to … Continue reading

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Small Changes: Crisps

In order to lose some weight and generally improve my health and wellbeing I am making lots of very small changes which hopefully will all add up to a big, happy lifestyle change. Today’s small change is *to only eat … Continue reading

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It’s official – Spring has sprung!

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