Big Boy Pants

Bumble is working on potty training now and although some days are more successful than others it reminds me that I have probably bought my last cloth nappy for him.  To cheer myself up about the lack of fluffy post in my future I have decided to get excited about pants instead.  Cute little homemade pants.

I ordered some Mint Zoo stretch fabric from which is lovely & soft and started searching for a pattern.

I’m a fan of PDF patterns.  I don’t like having to wait for the postman or deal with two impatient kids while I flip through catalogues at the shop.  Unfortunately patterns for pants are hard to find.  I only found three in a fairly extensive search:

Available for free but only size 2T:

Available on ETSY for around £6.40 in a sizes from 2T – 6/8:

The pattern by That Darn Kat is also available through You Can Make This:

I think I’m going to go with kitschycookids pattern – although a download is always more appealing than having to wait for an email.  I’ll post with the results soon!

ETA: I just discovered Fishsticks Designs also sell a pattern in sizes 2-12 years called Little Fishes: 

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